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This will be my ongoing blog, or at least an attempt at one. Being a truck driver who is also a firm believer, and follower of our savior, being OTR(Over The Road) posses many difficulties. This will be the my trucking chronicles.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last I posted here, I had taken a job with a local guy who owned a small fleet of trucks....what a mistake that was. Everybody I know told me something isn't right and to be careful. Of course I was thinking with my loyal heart, and not paying attention to my head. Lets just say that not getting paid for almost 2 weeks of pay sucks! Mostly because I loved the run, and the company he was leased to.
Now I'm still with a small company,but totally different, thankfully.
So now I have my tanker, doubles/triples, and my hazmat endorsements. I haul a smooth bore tanker, sometimes hazmat, and sometimes not. Either way I like it, and only spend maybe 3 days a week away from home, and never the weekends. Its not the ideal job ,but then again what is? Tomorrow I'm heading to Wisconsin , Ill spend the night in a company paid hotel, pump it off in the AM , then deadhead back.
20 hr round-trip

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