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This will be my ongoing blog, or at least an attempt at one. Being a truck driver who is also a firm believer, and follower of our savior, being OTR(Over The Road) posses many difficulties. This will be the my trucking chronicles.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last I posted here, I had taken a job with a local guy who owned a small fleet of trucks....what a mistake that was. Everybody I know told me something isn't right and to be careful. Of course I was thinking with my loyal heart, and not paying attention to my head. Lets just say that not getting paid for almost 2 weeks of pay sucks! Mostly because I loved the run, and the company he was leased to.
Now I'm still with a small company,but totally different, thankfully.
So now I have my tanker, doubles/triples, and my hazmat endorsements. I haul a smooth bore tanker, sometimes hazmat, and sometimes not. Either way I like it, and only spend maybe 3 days a week away from home, and never the weekends. Its not the ideal job ,but then again what is? Tomorrow I'm heading to Wisconsin , Ill spend the night in a company paid hotel, pump it off in the AM , then deadhead back.
20 hr round-trip

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where the Lord leadest...

After searching for the right job, one that would allow me to be home regularly, without being broke all the time. And Im sure everyone reading this would say, yeah me to! Well after my uneventful term with JB, I've found myself working for a small fleet owner. I pick up my loaded trailer everyday from the same place in Delaware Ohio and deliver to stores in Ohio, around the Wheeling WV area, a small sections of Indiana, and as much as it pains me I must spend a lot of time in Michigan. GO BUCKS!  The awesome part of this job is that I can be home very night. Some nights it just makes sense to stay in Columbus in my semi, especially if I get in late and have to leave after my DOT mandated 10 hour break.

Friday night I left the house at 9pm picked at the yard in Delaware, tried to sleep for a few hours before I headed to Warren MI. The most direct route was though downtown Detroit, which in a big truck is enough of a challenge during rush hour, but add in nasty road conditions you can add on an extra hour of drive time. I arrived home last night, and leave again in a few short hours heading to Portsmouth, then swap loads and off to Mt Vernon at 9pm, both with 1 stop loads. Im praying that this will work out for the best, and to Gods will for our lives.
Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hurry up!, and wait.

After getting in my 2010 Cascadia 5 pm Sunday night, I sent my ready call over the Qualcom, and got ready to run. Monday night 5pm rolls around…Tuesday morning 10am rolls around, no load! COME ON!
Many phone calls, and messages later I told my DM that I'm going home and Ill call back in a few days. I've put in an application already, and I have an interview today.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Technological advances..sweet!

Being over the road can be difficult, but thankfully there are a few devices that can make life easier. They have had DC powered coolers for years, they plug in the cigarette lighter plugs. They are not designed to freeze anything (all though they will if its cold outside) they will however keep everything cold 24/7. Then theres the Sirius radio, that allows you to listen almost commercial free coast to coast, and with hundred of stations with hardly having to change the radio station.
Then my newest toy A FM transmitter made by Duracell. It allows me to listen to my Ipod through the cabs speakers, made possible by transmitting it through the Freightliners stereo. This is especially awesome, because now I don't have to lug around all my CDs


Friday, December 31, 2010

Many doubts, and frustration..for nothing lol

Since coming home from JB orientation in Louisville KY, I've been calling in everyday waiting for an available truck. Yesterday during prayer and bible studying time I prayed that the Lord would work it all out like I know he can, and sure enough I call and my semi is ready! So Dad Trubee has agreed to take me to Youngstown to get it, which will save me a bus ride, and this way I can bring all my stuff. Praise the Lord!
During all my waiting for my truck assignment I contacted a few other companies that would allow me to be home every night. A local company called Quickway is interested in me, but with me being gone M-F Im unsure how it could work out with drug, and driving test unless I just quit JB and went there…decisions, decisions! I would like to be home every night, but I do feel that the Lord has lead me to this job , and I don't want to jack it all up doing my own thing.
With all this snow melting, and then re-freezing over night  it's made our driveway a skating rink, both Jenn, and I fell yesterday getting in the truck. I knew she was ok, but the level of panic that rose up was overwhelming. I've never seen her fall like that, thankfully she was all right.
Heading into Town in a few minutes to help my brother install a door then another trip to Walmart to pick up a few odds and ends that I forgot yesterday, it seems half my natural life has been spent in that stupid store.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas early ..at least for me.

With the 3 day orientation being stretched to the 4th, I was relieved beyond belief that another driver in my class lived in Circleville and offered me a ride back, SCORE!
With Wyatt being the only person at the house that wasn't sick, I was blessed by the Lord once again. The Rhoads family was willing to come get me, it was a lengthy drive.  I thank God for christian friends like them and how quickly they feel like family.

As far as the Dr. at JB in Louisville goes, I passed all my test, but must see my sleep Dr. on Tuesday. Either way it will be just fine. Ironically I have a lead on another job that would let me be home every night, and on the weekends, it's a dedicated run which is what I wanted all along. I'll find out more Monday.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Going Greyhound?

After what seemed like a much longer bus ride than it actually was I finally made it to Louisville KY at 12am.
From Zanesville Ohio to Louisville is roughly a 4 hr drive, but not when you go Greyhound. So with just a few hours of tossing and turning I was up and off to a $9 egg sandwich breakfast, then to orientation. 
The driver of the hotel shuttle who picked me up just a few hours earlier showed me where the in-house restaurant was, made some comment about me not getting much sleep then walked directly out the door and took the rest of the group to the hotel! Luckily for me the next driver was in 20 minutes. Turns out it didn't matter because we all sat around for when we got there. 
               ( James 1:20 For the anger of men dose not produce the righteousness of God) 
As the morning progressed the onset of paper work continued. What could have been a effective, efficient trip to a medical facility, to preform a urine sample, hair follicle sample, full physical, and physical endurance test turned out to be a 5 (count em 5!) hour ordeal.  For me everything went fine all the way till I was asked if I had ever had time sleeping, I said I had a sleep study once.
 (insert dramatic music) So unless I can convince the Dr. that If he will give the order to have the inverter installed Ill put my c pap in the truck. I will have to take a bus back to Ohio, see the sleep Dr. on tuesday and might have to take a bus back, of course hats the worst case scenario.

Proverbs 3:1
Trust the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Romans 8:28
And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose.